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Vocational/Employment Information

  • Vocational Training & Programs – SEEDs for Autism, RMG Imaging Artists, Hacienda, SARRC, Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Autism Works -Jene Aviram and Jocelyn Blum, the founders of Natural Learning Concepts, launched a job service for people with Autism/Asperger’s.
  • Book Recommendations: Transition to Work
  • Jobs for Aspies
  • TransitiontoWork4-12 -Tips for individuals with Autism/Asperger’s and their parents, teachers and employers by James B. Adams, Ph.D, director of the ASU Autism/Asperger’s Research Program, and father of an adult daughter with autism.

Postsecondary Education Information

  • NorthBridge supports students with learning differences enrolled in college or vocational programs.  We specialize in working with students with a diagnosis of dyslexia, ADHD and high functioning autism. The comprehensive design of the program features a multi-layered support system that focuses on both academic success and personal development. Our holistic approach empowers students to develop confidence, achieve their goals and find success in their future. Go to NorthBridgeAZ.org for more details and to schedule a tour.
  • ASD and Choosing College Courses
  • CollegeforTN – learn about yourself and your career interests with this online profile.
  • Post-ITT Guidance Activities Postsecondary Innovative Transition Technology – This manual will help students gain a better understanding of themselves while getting ready for college.
  • BestColleges.com is a resource for any prospective college student, and they strive to help students make an educated choice about their future. Through the use of student surveys, faculty surveys, independent research, ranking systems, and the input of highly credible and authoritative sources, they have created a database of schools to help students and their families learn more about their best options for higher education.

Transition Education

Independent Living


  •  Click here for advocacy resources and information