Your donations will enable us to offer activities for our teens and young adults at affordable prices. When they have opportunities to be together, they are happier and healthier!

From a parent, September 2016:

Thank you for all your service to the community with AZ ASSIST!  I hope you know how much you have helped so many of us parents and kids through your efforts. When I met you I was drowning, probably also my son, and you threw the lifeline and it kept my head above water as I traveled downstream. You guided me through the process and taught me how to cope and make a better life for all of my family. We are all in a really good place with my son and as a family, Thank You!!!

Our Wish List:

* Grant Writer – help us locate and submit grant proposals in order to reach and support more families
* Video Game Systems
* Video Games (prefer “E” or “T” rated) WiiU preferred
* Board Games (for teens/young adult audience)
* Arts & Crafts supplies
* Cases of Bottled Water
* Snacks (min. attendance: 25 youth)
* Gift cards for making copies, office supplies
* Books or videos on Autism, especially if it relates to Transition-ages